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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Spokane Valley

Nearly everyone will experience a cavity at one point or another in their lives, and in turn, everyone needs a filling to correct that damage and restore the tooth’s healthy structure. While noticeably silver amalgam fillings have been the norm for quite some time, our team at Spokane Family Smiles is happy to offer a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative – tooth-colored fillings. Made of quality composite resin, Dr. Scott Shumway can match these fillings to the natural shade of your smile, creating results that look just as great as they feel. Contact our Spokane Valley, WA office to schedule an appointment today!

The Filling Procedure

Placing a filling is a very simple process, and it’ll only take one appointment. Dr. Shumway will begin by numbing the appropriate area in order to maximize your comfort. Then, he will remove the damaged portions of the tooth, taking care to preserve healthy structure. After this is complete, it’ll be time to fill the tooth with the composite resin material, contour it so its appearance matches the rest of the tooth, and harden it in place with a special light.

 In addition to their appearance, tooth-colored fillings are beneficial in other ways that amalgam fillings aren’t. Their flexible nature allows us to treat fillings of all sizes without having to remove healthy parts of the tooth to accommodate them. They’re also not sensitive to temperature changes, which makes them much more comfortable.