Spokane Valley Dental Fillings

Defeat cavities once and for all

Natural-looking composite dental fillings

Even the most conscientious brushers and flossers are liable to experience a cavity at some point in their life. Luckily, modern dental fillings look natural, are as durable as natural teeth, and are a comfortable and simple treatment.

At Spokane Family Smiles, we offer a convenient and comfortable dental fillings experience. During your 6 month exam and cleaning, we’ll recommend dental fillings if we think that you or a family member are experiencing a cavity.

Benefits of composite dental fillings
  • Removes tooth decay and strengthens your teeth before decay advances
  • Protects against the need for more complicated restorative treatments
  • Fills in your teeth with a composite resin that is tooth-colored and fits right in
  • Made of natural materials to ensure a long-lasting and safe dental filling

Cavity-free teeth are happy teeth!

“Tooth decay is a fact of life. Treating small cavities with a filling is a simple procedure that ensures more advanced treatment such as a root canal is avoided”.

Dental Fillings at Spokane Family Smiles

What to expect

  1. Determine if a dental filling is the right treatment for you
  2. Numb your tooth so you are comfortable during treatment 
  3. Clear out any decayed tooth matter from the infected tooth 
  4. Fill in the space cleared with a composite filling
  5. Shape your tooth and ensure that it fits perfectly with your smile and bite

Treatment recommendations you can trust

At Spokane Family Smiles, we believe that you know what is best for you and your family. Dr. Shumway and the rest of our team are here to help you in any way we can and keep you healthy. We’ll always fill you in on the information you need to empower you to make the right choice. You can trust us to lay out expected outcomes, costs, and all other details.

Stress-Free Treatment

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IV and Oral Sedation

We offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable and positive experience no matter the treatment you receive.

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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Common dental filling questions

How can I avoid cavities

The best way to avoid cavities is by practicing good at-home oral hygiene habits and coming to our office twice a year for cleanings and exams. Additionally, limiting sugary foods and drinking lots of water will put your smile in a position to succeed

Are composite fillings safe?

Absolutely! Composite fillings are mercury-free and don’t include any harmful substances.

Are fillings covered by insurance?

While all dental insurance plans are different, many insurance policies consider fillings a restorative treatment and will cover a portion of your Spokane Valley dental fillings treatment.

Smile Care Dental Savings Plan

A great option for those without dental insurance! Our dental savings plan is designed to help you and your family save significantly on preventive and restorative services.

Spokane Valley dentist and team at Spokane Family Smiles

Membership includes cleanings, exams, and routine x-rays, as well as significantly reduced fees for restorative and surgical procedures.

Benefits of membership run for 12 months.

No deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, or denial of claims.

We accept most insurance plans

Unsure if we accept your plan? Reach out to our team! We’ll help you determine coverage so you can make the right financial decision for your family. Please note that we do not accept Washington Apple Health.

For those without insurance, we offer several payment options, including CareCredit and our office savings program.


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