Spokane Valley Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Comfortable wisdom tooth extractions for teens and adults

At Spokane Family Smiles, we prioritize making the wisdom tooth removal process as simple and comfortable as possible. We offer a number of sedation options and can perform the procedure right here at our Spokane Valley office.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molars at the very back of your mouth. While completely natural, wisdom teeth can cause a variety of problems, including pain, misalignment, or increased risk of tooth decay. While you can remove your wisdom teeth at any point in your life, it’s easiest to remove them as a teenager.

When is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

  • Your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or discomfort
  • Crowded teeth are causing a misaligned bite
  • When it becomes difficult to brush or floss due to your wisdom teeth

An individualized approach to wisdom teeth removal

“For adults and children alike, we prefer to keep wisdom teeth intact if it seems like you won’t experience any problems in the future. But for most teens and adults, overcrowding can make extraction necessary. We’ll help you understand what’s best for you and your family.”

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Wisdom teeth extraction at Spokane Family Smiles

What to expect

  1. We’ll always begin by ensuring that wisdom teeth extraction is the best choice for you. Together we’ll decide if now is the right time to move forward with treatment.
  2. Sedation options are usually best when removing wisdom teeth
  3. We’ll ensure your mouth is completely numb. We don’t want you to feel a thing!
  4. Once we extract your teeth, we’ll provide aftercare instructions to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and comfortably.

Treatment recommendations you can trust

Dr. Shumway believes that patients are the best judge of whether or not they should move forward with treatment. We’ll always put the decision in your hands, supporting you and explaining expected outcomes, costs, and all other details so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Stress-Free Treatment

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IV and Oral Sedation

We offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable and positive experience no matter the treatment you receive.

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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Common wisdom tooth removal questions

Do teenagers need to have their wisdom teeth removed?

While not all teenagers must have their wisdom teeth removed, if they are experiencing pain or if we determine they will eventually have to be removed, we might recommend it.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

We take your comfort seriously throughout wisdom tooth extraction treatment. We’ll always ensure you’re completely numb prior to treatment. After treatment, usually the first 2-3 days are uncomfortable and then the pain will begin to decrease.

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