Spokane Valley Emergency Dentist

Professional care for urgent needs

Dental emergencies happen. We’re here to help.

Our emergency dentists are ready to assist you with any urgent dental problem you or a loved one might be facing.

Whether it be a broken tooth, an excruciating toothache, or severe mouth pain, reach out to our Spokane Valley office and book an immediate appointment. At Spokane Family Smiles, we welcome new patients and treat each emergency with professional care.

What counts as a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies may look like a fractured tooth, ongoing bleeding in the gums, or anything else that requires urgent dental care care to relieve severe pain, restore a tooth, or stop bleeding in the mouth. Accidents are the main culprit when it comes to why dental emergencies happen.

What are the most common emergency dental cases?

  • Extruding tooth
  • Loose crown
  • Toothache
  • Fractured tooth
  • Infection or abscess in the mouth or gums
  • Knocked-out or dislodged tooth
  • Objects caught between teeth
  • Swelling or bleeding in the gums
  • Broken denture, filling, or crown

Timely, effective, and stress-free emergency dentistry

We offer same-day appointments and handle all dental emergencies right here in our Spokane Valley office, making it less stressful to get the emergency dentistry you need right away. Call our office today if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.
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Emergency dental care at Spokane Family Smiles

What to expect

  1. When you call our office, we’ll immediately book you for an appointment — on the same day if possible.
  2. Our emergency dentist will examine your teeth and ask medical questions to ensure the best treatment for you.
  3. Everything takes place in our Spokane Family office, meaning you won’t have to travel for dental emergencies and wait for treatment.

Treatment recommendations you can trust

Dr. Shumway believes that patients are the best judge of whether or not they should move forward with treatment. We’ll always put the decision in your hands, supporting you and explaining expected outcomes, costs, and all other details so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Stress-Free Treatment

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IV and Oral Sedation

We offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable and positive experience no matter the treatment you receive.

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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Common wisdom tooth removal questions

What causes dental emergencies?

Accidents are the cause of most dental emergencies, such as falls or sports injuries. Tooth decay, loose fillings, and other types of dental injuries are also common triggers, and may require emergency dentistry.

How long do I have to wait for an emergency dental appointment?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to seek emergency dental assistance. If left untreated, the dental injuries may become worse. Because of this, we take dental emergencies seriously, and make sure that we can take care of you on the same day you give us a call.

How much does an emergency dental appointment cost?

Every dental emergency is unique. Once you arrive, our emergency dentists will diagnose you to determine which procedures are needed. Cost factors include:


  • The dental repair needed
  • Materials used in the procedure
  • Whether you need after-hours or weekend dentistry
  • Whether sedation dentistry is needed

Smile Care Dental Savings Plan

A great option for those without dental insurance! Our dental savings plan is designed to help you and your family save significantly on preventive and restorative services.

Spokane Valley dentist and team at Spokane Family Smiles

Membership includes cleanings, exams, and routine x-rays, as well as significantly reduced fees for restorative and surgical procedures.

Benefits of membership run for 12 months.

No deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, or denial of claims.

We accept most insurance plans

Unsure if we accept your plan? Reach out to our team! We’ll help you determine coverage so you can make the right financial decision for your family. Please note that we do not accept Washington Apple Health.

For those without insurance, we offer several payment options, including CareCredit and our office savings program.


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