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Are you concerned about how crooked teeth affect your appearance and oral health? At Spokane Family Smiles, Dr. Shumway, our Spokane Valley crooked teeth dentist, transforms smiles through a range of advanced corrective options.

Leveraging the latest in orthodontic technology, Dr. Shumway offers Invisalign aligners, porcelain veneers, and tooth-colored composite fillings, designed to straighten teeth discreetly and efficiently.

Common causes of crooked teeth

Genetic influences affecting jaw structure and tooth alignment

Premature loss of teeth disrupting the proper alignment of remaining teeth

Persistent habits from childhood, such as thumb sucking

Discrepancies in jaw size leading to overcrowding or abnormal spacing

Embrace a straighter, healthier smile

Crooked teeth can complicate oral hygiene, making it harder to clean effectively, which increases the risk of dental issues. With Dr. Shumway’s guidance, addressing these alignment problems early is essential for enhancing both your smile’s aesthetics and health.

Understanding Tooth Misalignment

Tooth misalignment can stem from a variety of factors, including genetic influences, childhood habits like thumb sucking, and premature loss of teeth. Misaligned teeth not only disrupt the aesthetics of your smile but can also lead to significant dental health issues, such as uneven wear on teeth and increased difficulty in cleaning, which may escalate to decay and gum disease.

Without corrective intervention, misaligned teeth can further contribute to problems with chewing and speaking, potentially leading to jaw pain and headaches. It’s crucial to address these alignment issues early to prevent more severe complications and to maintain overall oral health.

Customized treatments for optimal dental alignment

Depending on the severity of misalignment and your personal needs, Dr. Shumway provides customized treatment options.

  • Invisalign aligners offer a clear, comfortable way to correct alignment over time
  • Veneers can be applied to alter the appearance of teeth quickly
  • Composite fillings can adjust the shape and alignment of individual teeth

Dr. Shumway will ensure you understand all available options, helping you make an informed decision about your treatment.

Stress-Free Treatment

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IV and Oral Sedation

We offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable and positive experience no matter the treatment you receive.
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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Frequently asked questions about crooked teeth treatment

What complications can arise from untreated crooked teeth?

Ignoring crooked teeth can lead to excessive wear, periodontal disease, and increased difficulty keeping teeth clean. Correcting these issues proactively can prevent such outcomes.

Are there preventive measures against tooth misalignment?

While genetic factors cannot be changed, early intervention and maintaining excellent dental care can minimize the severity of alignment issues.

How do Invisalign, veneers, and composite fillings address crooked teeth?

Invisalign corrects teeth through a series of custom-fitted aligners, gradually shifting teeth into the desired position. Veneers are thin covers that alter the outward appearance of the teeth, and composite fillings can be sculpted to improve tooth shape and alignment subtly.

What to expect during the orthodontic treatment process?

Our Spokane Valley crooked teeth dentist prioritizes comfort and clarity throughout your treatment, employing the least invasive techniques possible to achieve effective results. Each treatment step is explained in detail, ensuring a smooth and reassuring experience.

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