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Do you wake up with jaw pain or headaches? Teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, might be the culprit. At Spokane Family Smiles, we understand the impact that nightly teeth grinding can have on your oral health and overall well-being.

Dr. Shumway, our Spokane Valley teeth grinding dentist, is here to offer you modern and personalized solutions to alleviate your bruxism. Let us guide you towards a more serene and restful experience.

Recognize the signs of teeth grinding early on to seek prompt treatment

Persistent jaw pain or soreness

Headaches, especially in the morning
Worn-down or flattened tooth surfaces
Increased tooth sensitivity
Disrupted sleep patterns

Address bruxism today for a healthier tomorrow

Leaving bruxism untreated may result in heightened tooth damage, increased pain, and potential complications. Timely care is imperative for preserving your smile and preventing further issues.

What causes tooth grinding?

Tooth grinding can result from various factors such as stress, anxiety, misaligned teeth, or sleep disorders. Dr. Shumway’s expertise ensures a thorough examination to pinpoint the specific cause, allowing for targeted and effective treatment to enhance your oral health.

Common tooth grinding treatments

We recommend the proper treatment depending on how severe your tooth grinding is and what’s causing it. We often suggest using custom night guards or day guards. And if your teeth are affected by grinding, we might recommend tooth-colored fillings or dental crowns to repair them.

Dr. Shumway wants you to feel in control of your treatment. He’ll help you choose what’s best for you and your family, ensuring you’re comfortable and well taken care of.

Stress-Free Treatment

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IV and Oral Sedation

We offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable and positive experience no matter the treatment you receive.
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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Common tooth grinding questions

What happens if I delay tooth grinding treatment?

Delaying treatment may lead to increased tooth damage, discomfort, and potential complications. Timely care is essential for preserving your smile and overall oral health.

Can stress contribute to tooth grinding?

Yes, stress is a common contributor to tooth grinding. Dr. Shumway can discuss stress management techniques and solutions tailored to address bruxism.

Can teeth grinding cause jaw problems?

Persistent teeth grinding can lead to jaw issues. If you’re experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, it’s crucial to seek professional advice promptly.

Can I prevent tooth grinding in the future?

Preventive measures include stress management, maintaining good sleep hygiene, and addressing underlying dental issues. A custom night guard can also protect your teeth during sleep.

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