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Achieve a flawless smile with advanced white spot treatment

Are you self-conscious about white spots on your teeth affecting your smile and confidence? At Spokane Family Smiles, Dr. Shumway specializes in treating dental fluorosis and other causes of white spots.

Dr. Shumway combines expertise and innovative treatments, like tooth-colored composite fillings and veneers, to seamlessly correct these imperfections. Get started on your journey to a spotless, radiant smile.

The causes of white spots on teeth

Dental fluorosis from excessive fluoride during tooth development

Decalcification after braces removal

Enamel hypoplasia

Poor dental hygiene

Say goodbye to white spots and hello to a confident, vibrant smile

White spots not only affect your smile aesthetics but can also indicate underlying dental health issues. Addressing these spots early with Dr. Shumway’s expertise is key to maintaining both the beauty and health of your teeth.

What leads to the formation of white spots on teeth?

Several factors can cause white spots, ranging from genetic conditions to environmental influences. Dr. Shumway’s thorough evaluations identify the root causes of white spots, enabling tailored treatment plans utilizing tooth-colored composite fillings and veneers for a natural, uniform appearance.

Personalized white spot treatments for lasting beauty

Our approach to treating white spots depends on their cause and severity. For many patients, tooth-colored composite fillings or veneers offer an effective solution, blending seamlessly with natural teeth for an impeccable finish. 

Dr. Shumway will discuss all your options, ensuring you are fully informed and comfortable with your treatment choice.

Stress-Free Treatment

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Treatment Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Quality materials and techniques are key for long lasting restorations. Ask our team about our treatment guarantee.

Frequently asked questions about white spot treatment

What are the risks of not treating white spots?

Untreated white spots can lead to further enamel degradation and cavities. Early treatment prevents potential complications, preserving your oral health.

Can lifestyle changes prevent white spots?

While lifestyle changes cannot reverse existing white spots, they can prevent future occurrences. Dr. Shumway offers advice on diet, oral hygiene, and fluoride use to keep your smile bright and healthy.

How do tooth-colored fillings and veneers work for white spots?

Tooth-colored composite fillings are applied directly to the tooth, masking white spots, while veneers cover the tooth’s surface, providing a spot-free appearance. Both options are tailored to match your teeth, ensuring a natural look.

What can I expect from my treatment for white spots?

Expect a straightforward, comfortable process. With Dr. Shumway’s expertise, the treatment for white spots is minimally invasive, with results that immediately enhance your smile’s appearance and your confidence.

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